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VersaVice® FlexAHold™

$43.95 (Shipping included in the US)
VersaVice®  FlexAHold™
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Have you ever had to hold an object that isn’t square  or maybe it’s round or oval  or oblong. Have you seen it shoot out of the vise jaw  just before you are ready to glue it?  If so!

The new VersaVice   FlexAHold™ is a flexible jaw vise that can hold items that can vary in size by  1/2″. So if you have a piece that measures  1.5″ on one end and 1.0″ on the other this little vice can hold it. Example  part of a airplane wing that is curved  or a  piece that is  undulating FlexAHold can hold it. How this is accomplished is by special flexible guide pins that will give you the flex you need. Finally if you have something really irregular or larger  than the vise jaw you can use the available Dogg Pins  in the top holes of the vise to hold that too.

If you need versatility with a small foot print and weighing in at just over 6oz. make it the VersaVice™ FlexAHold™  If you have to have a vice, make it a VersaVice™ .


Recommended Accessories:

An extra Flexi-PostNClip™  V V-P for added flexibility,  the Non-Slip Base NSB-A

FLEXAHOLD™  Dogg Pins  set of 3  for larger projects.

Have limited space?  May I recommend the New Moto originally  designed for Motor Cycles and  now many model rail roaders have found it handy for small soldering jobs and to hold items while gluing them together.. Take a look !