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SolderBuddy® ACS-V™

$46.95 (Shipping included in the US)
SolderBuddy® ACS-V™
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Ever chase a connector around your workbench while trying to solder it onto a cable? How many times has a phone plug rolled over on you just as you zero in on it with the soldering iron? How about trying to hold the plug between your knees while you solder it and your knees?

After talking with many of my former customers and  finding out what was important to them I have designed the New SolderBuddy ACS-V. This new SolderBuddy includes  the most popular features of the older ))SPK(( and ACS models. It has a handy vise for holding D-Sub Connectors. Notice the Square holes in the top, these will hold the Neutrik  Speakon, Powercon connectors and many other large connectors. The smaller square hole will hold smaller connectors such as  RCA female or DIN connectors. Also you see the 1/4″, 3.5mm. and Phono holes on the top for the respective connectors.  On the left side in the vise you have another square hole for female XLR’s. On the right side borrowed from the famous Hobbyist RC a single hole that will hold XLR, 1/4″ phone  3.5mm and many more connectors.  The new ACS-V also comes with the ever popular PostNClip system  tall for the large format connectors and short for the standard size connectors. Finally there is a handy screw well for the run away screws that want to escape your search domain.

Recommended Accessories:

An extra ACS-P post for more flexibility. The Non-Slip Base model NSB-A, also the FlexiPost VV-P comes in handy on some projects. Dogg Pins for wider objects.