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SolderBuddy® moto

$22.95 (Shipping included in the US)
SolderBuddy® <em>moto</em>™
Click on the photo to see it close up

Hailing all Bikers, Cruisers, and Off Roaders! we’ve got something cool for you. Introducing the new SolderBuddy® Moto™ for those having to repair their old wiring or are building something new. The Moto is little enough to fit most anywhere and attaches easily to your chassis with just a zip tie and stays put until you are finished working.

The Moto has two small flexible arms or posts with pint size alligator clips that holds your wires in place so you won’t have to chase your work around the bike. The clips are small enough that they won’t bite through your insulation. There are several holes for the Flexi- postsNclips on the Moto giving you a variety of working positions to make life easier, plus you have an accessory hole for other future accessories we may develop.

The MAG-3 is a good addition for close up work or those of us who can’t see anymore and it slips easily into the accessory hole. The Moto also comes with a starter set of zip ties to get you started. All in all it’s a great little tool to help you stay on the road or trail.

Solderbuddy moto

Recommended Accessories:

A second set of Moto clips Mot-P, the MAG-3 a three power magnifying glass on a flexible arm, also the Non Mar Base for Moto NMB-M


Do you have friends who enjoy  the hobby of model rail roading? The Moto would be great for working on their lay out wiring.  Let them know how cool this little gizmo is!