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Hobbyist RC™

$46.95 (Shipping included in the US)
<i>Hobbyist</i> RC™
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Hello RC Hobbyists!
In keeping with the SolderBuddy® tradition of small toolbox soldering aids, Tingler Innovations is introducing one of its newest products, The SolderBuddy® Hobbyist RC™. With the help of local hobbyists in the area we have what we think is a real winner and a truly exciting new product.

This handy tool holds all of the most popular connectors used by RC hobbyists Drone Professionals and more. They include the Deans connectors, the 3.5mm bullet, Molex, 2mm, Servo, 5.5mm power connector and many more with a convenient and stable platform for holding and soldering your connectors and other parts for your projects. No more burnt fingers or melted parts.

But wait… The Hobbyist is two products in one! The Hobbyist also includes the VersaVice. This little vice has a jaw opening width of over 1.5” for most of your needs and finally, borrowed from the original SolderBuddy ACS Post N Clip system, but for the NEW Hobbyist RC, the post has been made flexible so you can get really close to those tiny connectors.

If you are a RC hobbyist, now you can race hard, fly high or just cruise in style knowing that the new SolderBuddy® Hobbyist RC™ is in your corner making your dreams come alive.

Recommended Accessories:
An extra Flexi PostNClip for RC model HRC-P, Non Slip Base model NSB-A.