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Hobbyist HAM™

$46.95 (Shipping included in the US)
<i>Hobbyist</i> HAM™
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CQ —Hello Hams!
This is a message from my shop to your shack. Introducing the new SolderBuddy® Hobbyist™ HAM, a wonderful little tool to help you say Hello World. The new HAM has been designed with the field QTH in mind. Now you have a stable platform for making repairs and upgrades to your Antenna, Microphones, speakers and much more.

The new HAM incorporates all of your popular connectors and even includes a vise to hold your PL259, two row D Sub connectors and other odd items. Hams get a device that has been carefully researched and manufactured with the HAM operator in mind. It includes these connector ports: 1/4″ Phone plug, 5.5mm coax plug, 3.5mm mini phone plug, male and female Phono (RCA) plug and jack ports, a DIN connector and an 8 pin plug port. Other features include a cool little screw storage well with a threaded cap to store spare screws so they won’t get lost. You also get the exclusive stainless Post N Clip system for holding your cable in proper alignment and an accessory hole for the new MAG-3™ 3X magnifier and all future accessories our shack mates may come up with. All in all I think this is a cool tool for you. I give you the SolderBuddy® Hobbyist™ HAM.

Recommended Accessories:
An extra PostNClip for HAM model ACS-P, the Non Slip Base model NSB-A.