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Hobbyist RC™

Great for the Radio Control cars Planes and Boats Helps to make tiny connections easier.

SolderBuddy® ACS-V™

Excellent for Pro Audio and Musician. Helps make better speaker or soldered connections.

Hobbyist HAM™

A wonderful tool for all HAM Radio Enthusiasts. Perfect for transmitter cables and most other soldered connectors.


A stand alone vise for model trains or other craft hobbies. Good for holding gluing and attaching parts.

SolderBuddy SPK SolderBuddy moto SolderBuddy VersaVice SolderBuddy Hobbyist HAM SolderBuddy Hobbyist RC SolderBuddy MAG 3 The Artful Solderer Special Projects

Solderbuddy Moto

A marvel for Bikers, Crusiers & Off Roaders. Helps you repair your wiring or Harnesses.

SolderBuddy® ACS™

Excellent for Pro Audio and Musicians Helps make better soldered connections.

The Artful Solderer™

A cool book on soldering practices, useful for the Pro, Amateur and student alike.

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